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Energy-saving star string lights

No wiring is required, Energy-saving and environmental protection. Solar string light is powered light charges in natural daylight and turns on automatically at dusk.

无需布线,节能环保。 太阳能灯串在户外自然日光下充电,在黄昏时自动开启,点亮氛围。

               Wideky used

High efficiency and eco-friendly, perfect for patio, garden, deck, yard, etc. Just use the supplied screws to mount it on wall or anywhere outside you want for lighting. 



Unique Structur

Solar star string light is 18ft/ 5.5m long in total, wire with LEDs: 11.3ft/ 3.5m, lead cord without lights: 6.6ft/ 2m, including 12 moon&star ornaments( 6 big+ 6 small). The diameter of the large star is 7.9in/ 19cm, which each string droops 4ft/1.2m. The diameter of the small star is 3.9in/ 9cm, which each string droops 2ft/0.6m.

太阳能星串灯总长 18ft/5.5m,带 LED 的线:11.3ft/3.5m,不带灯的引线:6.6ft/2m,包括 12 个月亮和星星饰品(6 大 + 6 小)。 大星的直径为 7.9 英寸/19 厘米,每根弦下垂 4 英尺/1.2 米。 小星星的直径为 3.9 英寸/9 厘米,每根弦下垂 2 英尺/0.6 米。

Remote and 8 light modes
可遥控的 8 种灯光模式

With remote control and the button on the battery pack. You can adjust 8 lights modes the brightness or switch to in Wave/Breathe/sequential/slot glow/ flash/slow fade/ twinkle/stead on. Wonderful amount of light to create a cozy evening anywhere.

太阳能灯串带8种灯光模式的遥控器。 您可以调整 8 种灯光模式的亮度或切换到 Wave/Breathe/Sequential/Slot Glow/Flash/Slow Fade/Twinkle/Station on。 不同模式的灯光可以在任何地方营造一个非常美妙的夜晚。

Waterproof & shatterproof patio string lights

These solar globe string lights are made of solid flexible cords and transparent LED bulbs, which present better lighting effects. our string lights are designed to withstand the wear and tear of year-round indoor and outdoor use.

这些太阳能球灯串由实心软线和透明LED灯泡制成,可以呈现更好的照明效果。 我们的灯串设计坚固耐用,可承受全年室内外使用的磨损。

Product Detail 

Material: Plastic


IP Rating: IP44

Lumens: 200LM

Solar Panel: Monocrystal 5V/2W
太阳能电池板:单晶 5V/2W

Battery:Li-ion Battery 1800mAh 3.7V(Not replaceable)
电池:锂离子电池 1800mAh 3.7V(不可更换)

Color Temperature: Warm White/Cold White

Charge Time: 5h - 8.5h
充电时间:5h - 8.5h

Lighting Time: 8hours

• Mode1-Seven modes automatic cycle
• 模式1-七模式自动循环

• Mode2-Wave forward and backward light
• Mode2-Wave 前向和后向光

• Mode3-Alternately light up the large and small lights
• Mode3——大灯和小灯交替点亮

• Mode4-Single light fades
• 模式 4 - 单次光衰

• Mode5-Star lights flashing + Alternating light
• Mode5星灯闪烁+交替灯

• Mode6-Dual lights fade in at the same time
• Mode6-双灯同时淡入

• Mode7-Star lights flashing
• Mode7 星灯闪烁

• Mode8-Steady ON
• Mode8-常亮

Size: Total 5.5m, drooping length 120cm.

Net Weight: 490g

Installation method: Drilling installation/Inserting installation

Product Manual