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ETFE VS PET Material (Flexible Solar Panel

ETFE VS PET Material (Flexible Solar Panel

What is ETFE
ETFE (Ethylene-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene) is a high-strength fluorine polymer that is corrosion and stain resistant, non-stick self-cleaning,
and retains its clarity (and therefore light transmittance) ensuring long service life for solar panels.
ETFT can withstand high levels of thermal stress and chemical attack, far beyond what PET can do. Another essential feature of ETFE is that it is an excellent polymer for this application. Its total UV permeability: a large number of tests on outdated samples show a permeability of 95 % with a direct light percentage of 88% and an irradiance ranging from 400 to 600 nm of the visible light spectrum.

Solar panel products made of ETFE materials are now comprehensively replacing pet materials that have been widely used in the past 30 years.

Even the most well-made solar panel has a limit to how long it will last. Making conscientious decisions regarding the materials used is an important aspect of a “green” energy. ETFE is made from sustainable material and is easily recyclable at the end of the solar panel’s life. In addition, ETFE is a very light material, so the carbon footprint created by transportation is much less than alternative materials such as glass.

ETFT constructional detail

ETFE solar panel

PET constructional detail

PET solar Panel


Material                 ETFE                  PET
Durable extremely durable normal durable
Long life minimal 10 years minimal 5 years
Thickness less than 0.1mm 0.15mm
Light transmission 95% transparency 90% to 93% transparency
Fire rating self-extinguishing with no burning drops not suitable for use in high-temperature regions
Applicative effects absorbs sunlight, Does not reflect it

Reflect a large amount of sunlight


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